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Mainly Mural Tour

      Downtown Tucson has seen an explosion of murals that represent and celebrate our local history and culture.  You may wonder why murals are so popular in the downtown area.  Tucson is blessed with many accomplished artists and support-artists from around the country and the world. 

     There are more 100 types of murals and public art structures in the downtown Tucson area bounded by St. Mary’s Rd/Sixth Street to the north, Toole Avenue to the east, Cushing Street to the south and I-10 freeway to the west.

     I spent hours walking the downtown area looking at murals and public art.  I also spent considerable amount of time researching and speaking with many of the artists about their work.  The murals featured are included on one or another of my tours.   

On the “Mainly Murals and Public Art Tour” you will hear who is the artist, the year, and many of the artists’ inspirations behind the pieces.

     The boundaries are:  Washington Avenue to the north, Toole Avenue to the east, Congress Avenue to the south, and Court Avenue to the west.

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